Projected inquiry

My projected inquiry presentation and infographic was on “Has privacy just been a concern in this day and age?” This was the new question I would’ve liked to research. It arose from the idea of my old question, the one this portfolio is about, “Why does the government watch us and how do they do so?” In the presentation I gave on the infographic, I began by introducing my old topic. Through vigorous research and inquiry,  I learned a lot about how the government watches it citizens and various reasons on why they do so. I also dove into conspiracies people believe and learned some very disturbing things about our government. I couldn’t necessarily believe it was all true, but there are slight chances that conspiracies are. After all the research, I felt pretty “woke” about what was going on in our government. In my own opinion, it is sad that people don’t know about all the government schemes going on around them, or even know that they are being watched. People lose privacy through their laptop cameras, phone microphones, social media accounts, and even through their bank accounts based on what they buy. It is wrong to take these basic god given rights away from people and our government, as we’ll as many others, commit this atrocity day by day. I am not entirely sure how many people know about everything going on, but they definitely wouldn’t just sit back and do nothing if they did. I believe the person is worse than the government in this case if they don’t mind what is going on. Of course, we are all comfortable with the jobs the government offers us and the houses we are able to have because of it, but to take human rights away is wrong. The main reason they are able to keep so many people quiet on the subject is because of idea that it is for “safety”. This is misleading and somewhat false. Safety is definitely able to increase if the government has their eyes on everything going on, however, it isn’t necessarily for safety if people’s information is being sold and abused for the own government’s benefit. The new question I proposed to do research on, “Has privacy just been a concern in this day in age?”, really sparked my interest. Would governments invasion in privacy be the leading factor to its downfall? Has it sparked civil wars in the past? Maybe even coup de ta’s? I believe that all governments of today should focus more on the history of past governments and see how they can avoid the problems that their predecessors have faced. I dove into the topic of the time of the pharaoh in my presentation. There have been written documents that he was one of the leader’s in history that knew everything about his people. He would have guards in every corner of every town just listening to the people and reporting back to him. This gave him absolute rule over everyone and everything. If he wanted something from someone, he just had to blackmail the person for it. Is this what our time is going to come to?