Turning Points

Six Word Thoughts-

At this point in class, I was the sort of person to just put tittles on bodies of work with very little effort or that had very little resemblance to the topic. When the form of “six word thoughts was introduced to me in class, I was intrigued by this technique of choosing a title or topic. Even in the sense of telling a story through six words. It changed the ways I did things in my life.


I have never attended or was part of a class that based a large amount of the curriculum on simply conversation. Being a part of the parlors we had in class really gave me valuable skills in conversation that I can use in the future. I never really cared whether people saw me as one way or another, but looking in the other person’s perspective and understanding what they are saying is what we should do. The parlors made me realize this and apply it in the real world.

Free writes-

I have done free writes before in previous classes, but not like this one. I used to hand the free writes in, so I could put whatever I wanted to on the paper. In our free writes, I’ve been able to express myself. It made me want to write on my own, which I never wanted to before. Writing can be very therapeutic no matter what you write about is what I learned.


In no class before have I ever had most of my work put into a blog as a project. It stood out to me the most in this class out of everything else. It made me happy seeing all of my work in front of me. I will definitely start another blog of my own just for the fun of it.