Editor’s Introduction

I’m being watched, in my own house…

Long story short, we all know we have eyes on us in every corner we turn into. Whether we are simply surfing the online web in the so-called privacy of our homes, or walking down the street in mid daylight, the government generally known what we are doing and what our intentions are. How do simple people like me and you know this? Well, because there are whistle blowers whom work with many government organization that deal with privacy and keeping peace in the common world we live in. Even though they make claims that it is for our safety(and by the way, have many files to prove such), these whistle blowers choose to say otherwise. The big question is “Who do we believe?”.

In many articles, data bases, and other various sources, people touch on the subject of privacy and government surveillance. It is very easy to find information online about how it is done. Whether it is technology or people physically watching us, it is happening.  In an article called “Government monitoring every aspect of your life?”  written by Greg Corombos, the main subject talked about is how surveillance is going on. Some of the ways we can be watched are just immoral and if people knew they were going on, no-one would allow it. From devices called dopplers, which has the ability to locate and see anyone behind a wall in their own homes, to the cameras in our phones and laptops, we are being watched. Many previous government officials, like Edward Snowden, who was a computer professional for the CIA, leaked information on the illegal activities our government is commiting. He simply copied data from the NSA( National Security Agency) and leaked it in 2013 without any government authorization. He left his government job and went to Hong Kong before he released it. The day he released it, Snowden flew in to Moscow,Russia , where his American Passport had been cancelled. He is now finding refuge in Russia because the U.S Department of Justice unsealed charges against him of two counts of violating the Espionage Act of 1917 and theft of government property. Many people have different views on his actions, but they were indeed necessary to open the eyes of people in the U.S. He is called many different names, such as Hero, Patriotic, Traitor, etc. Because of his Whistle blowing, we at least began to know about the actions going on behind the scenes in our government.

What do they really want to know?

After a plethora of research and trying to figure out the whole privacy intrusion, it led to noticing no-one exactly knows what it is the government tries to achieve by watching us. They say it is for citizen safety and to attempt to neutralize any attacks on the country before they happen. Although this is definitely a possibility and is most likely happening, there is a lot more going on with all the measures being taken. There are numerous ways we are being watched, and it is not necessary for all of that information to be shared with our government.

To find out what it is the government is looking for with all this surveillance is almost impossible. However, there are many theories on what they use it for and how this information is used to their advantage. The United States has the most programs set up to surveil its citizens out of all the major countries in the world. The NSA ANT catalog is a 50-page document listing technology available to the United States National Security Agency (NSA) ANT division to aid in cyber-surveillance. It is necessary for us citizens to know about this, but most people are pretty sure that the 50 page document doesn’t have everything used by the government. It is well known for our government to not reveal much to us all based off of the excuse “for safety”. This isn’t the case most of the time though. The government even has their foot in social media let alone all these other programs. In an article called “Social Media and Government” written by Nick Bilton, and published by the New York Times in 2012, it talks about the government when it first decided to step its foot into social media. The idea behind this happening was it would be good for business and to spread news. They openly said that it would be for surveillance and safety procedures, but also to stay in touch with the citizens a whole lot easier. This was decided not only on a state government level, but also on a federal government scale.

I don’t think… I don’t know..

It is a misfortune that a large amount of citizens do not know how they are being watched. Nor do any of them attempt to do anything about it if they do know. It is an act against human rights to have our privacy stolen from us for any reason. No-one knows exactly what the government does with our information when it is in their hands. A large amount of people speculate that it is either sold for political reasons or to other countries for large sums of money or political support. That is not right in the eyes in anyone, but no-one truly knows if it is happening or not. The few people that would know wouldn’t tell anyone of it. There are many schemes happening behind the scenes  to drive elections and to give people political influence when unnecessary.

Government? Forget about it buddy.

There are many conspiracies and plots that the government is a part of. This is either because people are naturally paranoid and attempt to put the pieces together, but do it in a wrong format, or because they are actually true and everything happening behind the scenes is being leaked. The problem with this knowledge is that the answer won’t ever be found until drastic events start being caused by the government we are ruled by. It is definitely scary to think about, but evil will always happen in higher up powers just as good will. If you were to look at history, many governments have fallen and have been revealed for what they truly were. Humans don’t need to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over through history.