Research Blog #6

“why the government needs to monitor our social media and how they do so?”

Source 1-

This source is an article from the uncle library database. It is written by Tamara Dinev and Paul Hart. They both attend Florida Atlantic University and are part of the business school there. This article written by them called “Internet privacy concerns and beliefs about government surveillance – An empirical investigation”. It is a study done to understand peoples perception of internet privacy and how willing people would be to give up private information online. They did this study through Lisrel, a database where they could test their theoretical model based on privacy. A total of 422 people were part of the study. Through vigorous studying, they noticed that people had a negative affect towards the government intruding their privacy, but a positive effect to disclosing personal information.

Source 2-

This second source is only somewhat related to my topic. It is an article describing what government exactly is. Not many people really look at government as a group of people governing over the wide mass, but generally as one. There are many different sectors of our government here in the United States. The article is written by Paul Cleveland. Paul Cleveland is professor of Business Administration and Economics at Birmingham Southern College. He has a PHD and is a very well qualified man. The article is called “Government: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”. It talks of not just the United States’ government, but of government in general. He goes over how government is needed when there are large masses of people and of how government has distinguished evil in the past and will continue to. However, he also talks about how even though governments can do good, that does not equate them from the equation of evil. With proper limitation of power, government can not only be good, but can be righteous. 

Source 3-

This source I chose is an article with a couple videos attached to it that talks about the ways the government is invading our privacy and how morally right it is. It is called “Government monitoring every aspect of your life?” and was written by Greg Corombos. He is the news director for Radio America and is well accredited man. This article touches the subject of major privacy invasion that has been going on since 2012 and how it is being brushed by our heads by the people ruling us. A recent discovery released by a John Whitehead, claims that the government has been using a radar called the doppler.It is in the hands of many law enforcement officers. It is pretty much a radar that looks like binoculars and allows the person to see through houses in the form of heatwaves. So pretty much you can be located in your house at any time and the person watching can know exactly what you are doing when you do it. It is definitely a scary piece of technology to be used on citizens because it is a major invasion of privacy.

  • What connections are you noticing between sources you’ve found so far?

    I am noticing that all the sources share different information on a common subject.

  • What else do the above sources make you want to know? Search for next?

    These sources make me want to know the reason why the government is doing what they are doing. Is it really for safety, or is there something else out there going on that we don’t have general knowledge on. I am going to look at history, governments who have done the same, and what their reasons where.

  • How is your topic changing as you learn more about it?  What does this help you to understand about the research process? Do you need to make changes/adjust/revise your guiding question?  Explain.

    My topic isn’t changing, its more of evolving. I don’t understand why or what it is I’m looking for through the research process, but it is definitely making it more fun for me and I’m learning a lot more than I would’ve if not for it.


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