Research Blog #4

I ended up deciding to switch my topic about vaccines to “Why does the government want information about us from social media and how do they do so without our knowledge?”

  • Describe the key claims-The key claims of this article were to go over news of the government speaking to the citizens through social media and to explain how they would do so.
  • Select examples to illustrate-Governments implementation of its use of social media. A better understanding of how social media works.
  • Present the Gist- In the article, the writer developed a central tone that sounded very neutral. This indicated that the writer was simply giving news in a non-bias way of how the government will start using social media. Not only will it be local governments, but all the way up to the federal government.
  • Contextualize-The article I chose is called “Social Media and Government”. It was written by Nick Bilton, and published by the New York Times in 2012. During the time of the publication, social media was not nearly as popular as it is now. It was back when Instagram only first got introduced in society, and Facebook and Myspace were still “cool”. The reason the author wrote on the subject was because it was the first time the government ever decided to put their foot into social media. They decided to not only surveil it but to also be a part of it. It is much easier bringing the news to social media than to the people through other means. The article simply is a news source and nothing more. It talks about how and why the government will step foot into social media on a local government scale and a federal government scale. The purpose of them doing so as stated in the article is “these new government enterprise solutions were good for business, consumers and government.”

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