Research Log #3 (Article on Vaccine safety in Vaccine safety database)

This source really stood out to me because it was a scientific article with data charts and in depth statistics on specifically vaccine testing. The main goal behind the research was to see how much companies actually tested the vaccines to check their safety. The results are quite shocking. Many diseases the vaccines studied were proven to give by the study, were not known previously even though they were approved and given to many patients. The article was written in August 2011. The author of this article was the GM LEE Affiliation. The Publisher is theĀ American journal of preventive medicine. Both the author and publisher are well known in the science world. The authors(multiple authors) are part of the children’s hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. They are the group that studies child health care in the Center for Child health care Studies.

This article definitely made me wonder a lot about vaccines, but it somewhat took a different route in my mind. If the government is allowing us, and somewhat forcing us to take these vaccines without proper testing, is the same happening with processed foods, goods, and even just regular medicines? This definitely wants me to look into many different items other than vaccines because I’m very self-conscious about what I allow to come in contact with my body. I believe that the more natural, the better. (Video on previous ways government administered polio vaccine to citizens)

The most interesting or surprising thing about this source is that it is a video filmed in the year 1961. It talks about the way the government pushed the polio vaccine on residents living in Columbus, Georgia. Through various in person surveys and making the image of the vaccine look good, many people were vaccinated. The main goal was to have everyone vaccinated three times. Their claims were that it would not only help push away polio disease, but also make everyone smarter in a sense. It was a very weird way to market the vaccine, and was not talked about much in the video. The purpose of the video was to make vaccines look good in the eyes of the people. The producer of the video was Prelinger Archives.

Learning more and more about my topic through research and inquiry, I definitely see change in the way I want to dress my topic. I really want to stray away from researching vaccines alone and want to step into a more detailed question about the things our government hides from us.





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