Reading this article, I found many things I do that are recognized. For starters, I always find myself framing someone else’s work. Like said in the article, a good question can always help you think through what you are interested in. Many times I find myself brainstorming or researching for an assignment, and I always look for a decent question to follow first. It helps tremendously with figuring out what it is I am looking for. I also find myself trying to identify the situation at hand. If you know what is going on in the situation, the inquiry and research finding becomes easier and more understandable. Greene distinguishes in the article between reading as inquiry and reading as searching for information by explaining it as if reading as inquiry allows you to be more specific. It creates a goal as to what you are reading for rather than just looking for something that you don’t even know what it you truly want to find. When Greene talks about framing, he means going off of information that is already there. To frame is to copy and use for your own purpose. I’ve noticed many writers do this in their writings. If you look at Turkle, she frames with the many experiences people had based off of her topic, technology. Argument as conversation definitely does change the way I think of reading and/or writing about research. When someone argues rather than just converse on a topic, they do look for more points of view and find themselves learning more than they would’ve in the first place. The article brought up a lot of inquiry techniques as well as the way inquiry works. It allowed me to learn a little more about research in a questioning style. Inquiry allows for broader and a better understanding of research.


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