Library Activity

Watching the videos on the school Library somewhat refreshed my memory of how I used it last semester. I never really used books on my own for research and to learn things, but when classes require it, I definitely know how to find them. I didn’t really find anything promising in the library as far as sources for my research just because I know I won’t really  read a book on my topic since most of the information is online. The library however is very helpful when it comes to finding solid information on topics or another persons perspective on a topic.

I’ve been going to the library since I started at UNCC. It’s a very natural environment for me. Many of my friends and I meet up there to study together or hangout. Whether its studying for a final or simply completing some homework, I find the library environment very helpful. I noticed that in the library, you see two different types of students. The ones that are either studying/doing homework or people that simply want to hangout. I really like how the library caters to both types because most libraries I’ve gone to in the past just allow people to be quite. I like the path our university took with this library.

My favorite place to hangout in the library is hard to decide on. I like the second floor where the booths are a lot because thats where me and my friends always hangout. However I do also like the their floor because for some reason I get my work done faster and more efficiently there. I think it is because thats one of the quieter floors and there aren’t as many distractions. In the future, Im sure ill use the library just as I’ve been because I do feel as if I’m taking full advantage of it now.


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