1. State the title, and provide a link.

The Dangers Of Vaccines and Vaccination is the title of the website I decided to gain insight on my topic through.


2. Read/watch/listen to the entire Source.

3. What year was this written/produced? What do you know about the author/creator, and the source that published it? (Google author? publication?)

Larry D Cook – Los Angeles, CA, 2015

4. What new perspective have you gained about this subject? What questions does the source raise for you? What was most interesting? Use examples from source to explain.

I have not been looking for a new perspective on this topic because of my neutrality towards it, but this source definitely swayed me away from being “pro-vaccine”. I still need to learn more to pick a side, but the evidence is just too hard to ignore. The writer of this article brings up many factual and statistically proven evidence that vaccines are worse than better for you. He shows many side-effects of them and even breaks down how they are inadequately tested. The most interesting thing I found about the source was the section of the inadequate testing done on vaccines. “Safety or toxicity of vaccines is studied for short term rather than long-term. Many studies are limited to just a few weeks. When a vaccine is tested, it is given to healthy people and they are only given that one injection.” This raised awareness in me that not much research is being done to test vaccines thoroughly as we believe.

5. Does this source refer to other sources? If so, how and why? If not, why not?

The source does refer to many other sources and cites them all at the bottom of the website. This was done to show the truth behind the topic and where the author received the information from. It also makes the author very credible.

6. Any interesting links to follow? If so, discuss which ones and why.

This link shows a video of a mother who’s child received autism as a side effect of many vaccines when the child was a baby. It all happened so quickly that there was nothing to do to prevent it.

7. What does this source make you want to know next?

This source makes me want to look at benefit sides to vaccines because it never once mentioned how they actually do prevent diseases and illnesses in people.

8. List any helpful search terms you’ve gotten from this source.

None from the sources I’ve researched.

9. Feel free to do any other “thinking out loud” about the source/topic.


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