Approaches to Inquiry

The articles given to read asked many different questions. They all related to inquiry in one way or another. These projects definitely represent what I think of inquiry. Asking a question that leads to a sort of answer to only ask another question. It is sort of a never ending cycle, but it always keeps you learning and curious. The article “Seeking Revenge In The ‘Underworld’ Of Stolen Bikes”, posed the question of how do bikes get stolen and why. It leads to many questions being asked through a long process of hunting down bike thieves and attempting to prevent them. I believe the writer represented inquiry in the way his research was put out. It all led back to the question of what caused my bike to be stolen.

On my own I do enjoy learning many things and asking questions. I always ask my self why I am alive and whats my purpose. I am always learning new things because of this as well. However I don’t believe it is related to inquiry and the whole process it goes by. I do school work that requires me to ask questions and do a lot of research, so I think that is inquiry, but it is never involved in my life fully.

I read an article in “Humans of New York” about a man who was always an outsider in his life because of the many tattoos he had and the lifestyle he chose to live.The whole idea behind the article, I think, was the question of “why judge?”. In the article the man states, “There’s no such thing as a true outsider. We all have to breathe. We all have to eat. We all have to work. I wanted to run away from everything but I ran into myself.” I think his statement is true and the idea behind the article is surely an example of inquiry.


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