Curiosity is defined as a strong desire to know or learn something. After being a part of the parlors we’ve had in class and after all the readings we’ve done out of the book, many things have been touched on that sparked my interests. The whole idea behind technology taking values away from us became the overall main topic. I thought of this to be very interesting. Never once n my life have I stepped back and thought for a second that we are becoming duller and less emotionally stable simply because of the utilities we have right by our sides. It definitely makes sense with all the evidence provided in the book and what we talked about in class. I was also very interested in the idea that sparked a sort of conspiracy. Why does our government allow such technology if they know of the side effects, and why use the technology in ways to somewhat “control” the outcome of events and people.

I feel as if I and attracted to these topics because I have always been a major conspiracy theorist. Thinking of what lies behind the scenes has always been a sort of hobby of mine. I believe that nothing ever seems as it is because people always have bigger goals than they put out there. The whole idea behind technology taking values away can be used to others advantages if done right. I dislike the fact that people lost empathy and conversational skills because of the devices we have by our sides. It is something that we can fix however and something we must work towards fixing. There is definitely the usefulness and utility that comes with technology, but we can not allow it to hurt us more than it helps.

I feel that it was no mistake the way social media is setup and the way how it accessible to almost anything online. I believe that someone out there has a greater goal in mind. Whether it is to control the people, or even achieve large sums of money, its wrong. As we said in class, media can definitely be single sided and online you choose what side you want. That can be a dangerous thing in our society and it definitely hurts conversational skills as mentioned in the book.



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