Is There A Way?

The chapter I decided to read for this assignment was “The Nick of Time”. At first it was pretty hard for me to understand the whole idea behind the chapter, but everything was put together towards the end of it. This chapter, in my own opinion, served the purpose of explaining the problem with technology and how to fix it. As far as any of us know, the technology we have is already here and there is no need to get rid of it. To get rid of it would be inconvenient.

A couple things I found surprising reading the chapter were the personal accounts of how technology is hurting day to day activities in others lives. A father didn’t feel right playing ball with his child because of the constant need to check his phone. A mother felt bad texting while breastfeeding her new born child. They both said that they felt as if technology took away the solitude and empathy that came with those experiences. The author stated that the way to fix the problem is not to get rid of our phones and technical devises, but to simply step back and know when to and when to not use them.

Studies have shown that if you simply don’t use social media for a week, that empathy and conversational skills are improved greatly. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use our devises, but it means we should just take a step back and use them for their required purposes. Not just to waste time. It is important to have conversations and not hide behind our phones. As stated in the book on page 332, “Public conversation gives us a way to reclaim private conversations by modeling them, including how to show tolerance and genuine interest in what other people are saying.” The problem will not be fixed just like that. It just takes the initiative to improve your own situation and possibly even the worlds.


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