The Public Square

Is life online really as private as we think it is? Is the online web keeping us safe from potential threats? These are questions the recent chapter, The Public Square, brought to mind. The chapter began by telling a story of a girl and her grandmother going to the library one day. While out for the day, the grandmother explains to the child how privacy, as far as what we would like to know, isn’t as it was before. She goes on to explain that when a person goes to the library and rents out a book, no-one knows that person read the book, but themselves. The information learned was discrete. However, compared to online, there is always someone watching. Whether it is google’s data base or actual people spying on what you do on the web, there are close eyes on everyones online movement.

Through my own personal experience, I enjoy making it hard for people to know me online. I never really got into social media until was 14 and by that times couldn’t care any less of what people thought of me. Whether someone is scrolling over my Instagram or Facebook, the pieces never really fit together. Sometimes I will post something that I’ve done, but its usually just major events in life(such as graduations). I feel as if all people should do what I do. Never leave a clear line for the people watching you online. Its not as if I had this intent from the start of my social media accounts, but I just hate sharing my business with people. I also very much enjoy messing with others online so nothing is really as it is. As far as people watching us online, I definitely think its true. With the recent NSA files being released by whistle blowers, it only made my opinion on the matter much stronger.


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