Education is the building block of all people who wish to go somewhere in life. To receive an education and do well is a very important thing. The chapter “Education” in the book “Reclaiming Conversation” gave a lot of insight on education and how it is now of days. Students are always on their phones or electronics in class and it is hard for them to focus. When you get on your phone in class, and try to focus on the lecture while, say texting, you are trying to focus on many tasks at a time. In the chapter, it states that this is multi-tasking. Not being able to fully focus on a lecture can cause you to lose very valuable information.

There are many schools now who offer devices, such as tablets, to their students and have all the school work on them. Many students like this a lot but find it hard at the same time. It is difficult to stay on task, when the devise you are using encourages multi-tasking. In my own opinion, I agree with this. When you have a devise where you can do your homework on, but also check Facebook, it is difficult to get your stuff done.

Hyper attention is very important for the development of people too and having phones takes that away. A study done by google shows that the best way to learn is to stay active in the class and only to daydream if you are losing focus. This is something that can be taught to students through encouraging them and making them interested in the lecture. In the chapter, Sherry said on page 219, “Hyper attention feels good. And without practice, we can lose the ability to summon deep attention”. Many people notice this and tend to lock away they electronics or cut off their wifi when they want to get their work done.


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