Solitude and Self-Reflection

I just recently read the chapters solitude and self-reflection in “Reclaiming Conversation”. They both talked about how technology somewhat destroys the idea of solitude and self-reflection. Solitude, which is the state of being alone, is necessary for human growth and development.As stated in the chapter on page 61 by Sherry Turkle, “Developmental psychology has long made the case of the importance of solitude, and now so does neuroscience.” With technology always being by our side(our phones), we are never trulls alone. The communication factor is always there and we feel as if we are with many people even if physically we are not.

Self-reflection is the same as solitude. It is necessary for us to self-reflect on our lives because it allows for imagination and better flow. We learn many things not only about ourselves, but others when we self-reflect. As stated in the chapter on page 80, by Sherry Turkle, “It teaches that our lives are peopled by those who have mattered to us. They live within us for better or for worse.” We learn to recognize people’s influence on our lives and grow depending on that self-brought knowledge. Technology hinders self-reflection in many ways. No-one wants to just sit down anymore and do nothing but think to themselves, or write alone for no reason, or even just draw and daydream. Everyone just gets on their phone when they have free time.

It is quite sad how technology is hurting the development of humans.It was made to make life easier, but it is just making it harder for people, without them even knowing. It is not like it was invented for that either. Technology just has that side-effect to us and no-one would have even seen it coming. Developmental growth is definitely the most important type of growth for mental health. Technology should not be able to hinder it at all.



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