Thinking Rhetorically

Rhetoric is the study of how writers and speakers use words to influence their audience. I have been aware of the fact that you must talk and speak differently towards some people than others. Whether it was a child, adult, or even a co-worker/friend. It isn’t necessary to talk different towards people, but it helps with getting your point across and the image people hold for you. This was taught to me by my parents and older sister when I was applying for my first job. People hold images of you by the way you speak and act, but mainly by what you say and how you say it. To different audiences, I have to speak in different tones with different purposes. Also, simply to keep a conversation going, I must think of the context I am speaking in.

There was this one time when I went with a friend to his house. I did not know much about the friend’s family or beliefs and somewhat just blindly walked in. Me and my friend went to his room and just played a couple of video games. At around night time, his dad came home from work. It was dinner time in their house and we all had to sit at the dinner table. His parents began to speak to me asking me about school and what I do on my free time. It was just regular conversation, but then the food got served. I just casually started eating and his dad said, “lets make a prayer for this food.” I felt embarrassed because of what I did. Everyone was staring at me like I did something so wrong, but I just did not understand the situation.

I know now to never rush into things and always watch how I act around people I do not know too well. I must always think rhetorically to try and get along with others and respect them for whom they are. Reading the article has somewhat refreshed everything I stand for such as respecting others and never letting an opportunity to waste. Thinking rhetorically allows for communication between me and the rest of the world to widen in diversity and knowledge.


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