Changing The Way We Talk?

I have just recently read the “Friendship” chapter in the book “Reclaiming Conversation”. It raised many thoughts in my head. Lately, humanity is taking a turn in the way we talk. No-one knows whether it is for better or for worse, but phones have changed conversation as we know it and it isn’t changing back. Many people haven’t necessarily lost conversational skills, but are making up for them in different ways with the use of our advanced modern technology. With the introduction of smart phones into our society, many things have changed since before. People talk less, but talk more at the same time.

The idea of friendship and talking to one another is very different than it was years ago. “Phones have become woven into a drought sense of obligation in friendship”, Sherry Turkle said in the chapter. People do not consider themselves necessarily friends unless they have each others phone information. Being a friend to someone now of days is always being there for them, even when you aren’t in person, the chapter describes. This is somewhat true in todays society.

As an eighteen year old college student, I can vouch that close not a single person on campus doesn’t have a smart phone that they aren’t on constantly throughout the day. The main reason for this is because it is much easier to get on social media and check out what is happening than to have a conversation with the people right next to you. It is also somewhat because of an addiction of wanting to know what is going on in your own little world. In the chapter a student named Kati describes this very well and what it does to us. Sherry Turkle said, ” Kati is describing how smartphones and social media have infused friendship with the fear of missing out – now a feeling so well known that most people just call it by its acronym, FOMO”.


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