The topic question I am researching for this inquiry project is, “Why does the government watch us and how do they do so?” It is a question that has been on my mind for a while because I enjoy conspiracies, and of course our government is the big one. Many things have been said about the higher ups watching us, or even knowing everything. However, how true is this information? Do we really need to be so paranoid, or are us citizens just over thinking it? I for one am very open to learning new things and have nothing really to hide, so I will embark on showing as much credible information as possible with the research I provide for ¬†this topic.

This website is an collection of blogs written as summaries, an introduction for the information the blogs hold, and a little bit of small information related to the topic. As you read this, you will encounter factual¬†information, some of it disturbing, and some of it very interesting. To navigate this site most efficiently, first read the editor’s introduction, then the source list, third the glossary, then have fun reading my blog and about the editor pages.